Any Moment Now

Any Moment Now

Gallery: Solo Show at ShContemporary 07, Shanghai, China.

Essay Title: Any Moment Now

Author: Ravikumar Kashi

Year:  2007

Having been born and brought up in Bangalore, city has been my life line. The experinece of change in the city is also engrained as I have seen Bangalore changing from sleepy public sector town to a global land mark. The glitter and glamour of the business district, steel and chrome surfaces, the rising of glitzy shopping malls, multiplexes is something that is very recent to Bangalore. Naturally these experiences have surfaced in my work. As an artist I see myself as a witness to my times. But I don’t remain at being a passive witness but move on to a level where what is being seen / experienced is critically evaluated and engaged.

I filter the deluge of images emnating from dramatic advertisements, 24 / 7 TV, news papers, magzines, bill board hoardings and tiny pamplets struck in ones hand while passing by. A typical urban experience where the words jumble up with the visual constantly is also reflected in my work. But whatever may be the means the crux of these advertisements is almost always desire. Desire to be somebody else, to walk in some other shoes, to be somewhere else. I harp upon this building up of expectations and how it is presented. The prersent as it is made insufficient / dissatisfying and a gloden tommrow, a promising land is constantly dangled. The heaviness of the present exchanged for a non existent lighter moment. ‘Any moment now’ the doors will open up and reveal a fantastic vision. Any monent now the man climbing up the ladder will get to the next stage and reach heaven. Any moment now this man here will escape gravity / everyday humdrum and float lightly. Any moment now dreams and wishes will become solid reality.

Alongwith images I have used several graphic symbols see in the computer and VCd players. The hyper links, sand clocks and backward / forward movement arrows to suggest control out side the picture frame. As if the paintings can be altered and taken to a different level by clicking any of the markers; where the present painting beomes only a stage among many possible ones. One of the main concerns of the work is also how meaning emerges when images and text come together. I am interested in how these images loose some of their original identity, get altered and gain new meanings when combined with other images and text. The source of these images is the constantly growing collection of ads I have gathered and photographs I have shot and the collection of text from the media and Internet. Normally I start by noting ideas for a work in a notebook as well as sifting through hundreds of images. At this stage no idea is rejected. Later I start choosing and make deliberate efforts to develop alternatives and improvisations. In between I also work in the computer mainly in Photoshop to alter images and quickly visualize several versions. Finally it comes on to canvas where again changes are made until a satisfactory stage is reached. Unlike canvases paper books are not structured. From an ambient idea whole work is developed. Because of the diary format it can accommodate text, drawing, pictures, doodling and graphics.

Any Moment Now

Ravi Kashi, Works 2007

By Ravikumar Kashi